Employer is 90-years old family-owned business in food production. The plant is based in Southern EU.
Duties and Responsibilities
The selected candidate will be responsible for the running of the Production Department on day-today basis and reports directly to the Operations Manager.
The core duties and responsibilities include:
Motivating and leading the Production Team to achieve the desired quality and efficiency throughout the Production Process.
Follow the production cycle throughout the various stages from preparation and organizing of raw materials, down to filling, packaging, and product storage.
Ensure proper documentation and company procedures are being followed throughout the process
Organize daily meetings to ensure that various key team members are updated with progress and outline where attention is required
Co-ordinate and implement changes or any improvements decided upon by the company
The person is to oversee that the company’s objectives and goals are being achieved towards the targeted date. Keep abreast with company’s policies and procedures including Product Safety,
Management Systems and Health & Safety are being always followed and adhered to.
Skills and Specifications
This post calls for a minimum of 3 years’ work experience in a food manufacturing environment. Good communication & decision-making skills, diligent approach, and ability to lead effectively by example are important requisites for this post. Candidate is required to be conversant in English and be computer literate in Microsoft Office.
Management level working week is of 45-hrs
Approximation of hours worked per week is of +/- 50hrs
Weekly Wage €455
Annual Basic €23,660
Annual Bonus €512
Total overtime hours over 45hrs+ €3,000
Yearly Gross €27,172
Yearly Flight Travel €200
Yearly Transport paid pro-rata on a monthly basis at €25 for a total of €300
Yearly accommodation paid pro-rata on a monthly basis at €200.00 for a total of €2,400
Total Allowances Value per year €2,900
Total Annual Gross €30,072
Salary: 713,000.00Kč per year
English (Required)

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