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RFE/RL, Inc.
Full-time • Prague
Seniority: Specialist • Education: Bachelor

We are looking for a Multimedia Producer to join our Current Time TV Channel news team. You will assist Line Producer, Senior Producer and Executive Producer in finding and creating content for the Current Time TV broadcast and associated web and social media sites.
Researches and writes TV news copy and video packages. Produces original multimedia content and gathers content from RFE/RL language services and news agencies. On occasion, travels to the field to produce stories and report for Current Time.
Adapts video content produced by RFE/RL language services for use by Current Time. Coordinates with producers to obtain video files, transcripts, and translations. Adapts and rewrites original scripts into Russian. Shares Current Time video materials with RFE/RL’s Multimedia department and other language services.
Stays on top of news and events. Understands and applies RFE/RL’s code of journalistic conduct and editorial guidelines. Looks far ahead on the calendar for coverage and interview opportunities. Presents coverage possibilities to Managing Editor, Executive Producers, and other team members for discussion at the daily editorial meeting. Assists Executive Producer in coordinating story submissions by Current Time correspondents.
Books guests and conducts studio, telephone, and Skype interviews. Develops and cultivates extensive contacts, prepares information to enable high-quality interviews. Gathers videos elements for use during associated interviews.
Assembles and edits recorded video footage into a finished project that is suitable for broadcasting. Ensures logical sequencing and the highest production values of Current Time videos. Exercises quality control for videos assembled by video editors.
Works closely with Line Producer and Executive Producer to make sure video and graphics elements are ready for air. Loads ready-to-air video into Octopus, enters scripts into the teleprompter, changes scripts as determined by Executive Producer or Line Producer.
Constructs and manages the rundown before the show and in real time as needed. Consults with Executive Producer about breaking news and about changes to the rundown with regard to chyrons (lower-third graphics), scripts, and videos.
Creates and monitors the progress of show completion via the elements in the rundown, working with the Hosts/Anchors and Executive Producer to select stories, tease elements for upcoming segments and manage the program clock.
Edits raw video if required, and makes sure all elements in the rundown are ready for air.
Undergraduate BA degree in communications or journalism helpful but not required if candidate possesses the equivalent in experience.
At least 5 years of experience working in a media company.
Newscast experience in a daily television news gathering operation is helpful.
Ability to work under deadline pressure and demonstrate that s/he is results oriented. The candidate must be able to work closely with the Executive and other Producers and should also have the ability to stay on top of the news and events in the region.
An interest in international events and politics and familiarity regarding the situations in RFE/RL’s target countries is desirable.
Creative ability to enterprise and innovate in order to cultivate diverse contacts.
Must be well-read and keep up with the latest news developments and have the ability to write sophisticated letters to high profile guests requesting interviews.
Must have excellent research abilities and sound news judgment.
A proactive, can-do attitude, with excellent interpersonal skills are also needed to build positive relationships with team members as well as with external partners and outside broadcasters.
Russian language at native level, mandatory
Intermediate level in English, mandatory

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