Web3/NixOS/Cloud/Kube DevOps

  • Full time
  • Prague
  • Posted 3 weeks ago

Correct Context

NixOS (regular)
Kubernetes (regular)
Docker (regular)
Linux (advanced)
Salary: is established very individually with everyone based not only on skills but also on being engaged person and having power to move stuff forward


  • startup, VC backed already
  • web3
  • cross-chain protocol for asset managers and traders
  • Layer 2 infrastructure
Day to Day operations:
  • plan and design infra solutions
  • CI/CD
  • automation
  • and what usually ops do
  • web3 interest
  • NixOS (need to at least know nix/nixos and have at least personal experience with it, just to be comfortable doing stuff with it)
  • English
  • some cloud experience (aws/gcp/azure/whatever)
  • linux/git/kube/docker exp 

To apply for this job please visit cz.talent.com.