Symfony PHP Developer/Lead

  • Full time
  • Prague
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AWS (regular)
Docker (regular)
TDD (regular)
SOLID Principles (regular)
Symfony (master)
Who we are?
We are the web development department of the leading North American provider of online financial analyst certification programs with above 1 million registered students.

What we are doing?

We are coding the Learning Management System, the place where students register, pay, and learn.

Is it legacy?

No, we started the project from scratch 2 years ago and it’s continuously refactored. We don’t believe there are chunks older than 12 months now.

The code

Since we started from zero, we tried to build the project as nicely as possible, using all our experience in coding and designing web applications. The code is transparent, logical, and the entry-level is pretty low. We have latest PHP, and latest Symfony, 100% unit tests coverage (PHPUnit), PHPStan at level 8, integration tests, Docker, Gitlab with CI/CD, Scrum, no-pressure environment, and friendly atmosphere of a small team of senior-level engineers.
Soft skills are the most important for us — lest the rogue be and wouldn’t break in the midst of the project. Your English communicative skills must be way above average since we are an international team. Plus you should have relevant experience of course.

PS. And yes, we have standard IT benefits: flexible working options (hours, types of employment, whatever), tools and whichever accessories you’d like, a competitive package, and appropriate extra compensation.

PPS. We are very flexible, you’ll get whatever makes you feel comfortable to enjoy the coding.

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