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UX (regular)
SEO (regular)
React (regular)
TypeScript (regular)
SAAS/LESS (regular)
CSS3 (advanced)
HTML5 (advanced)
JavaScript (advanced)
Imagine a group of fascinating people… who spend time at work creating the product they absolutely love. Imagine empowered tech freaks for whom the team means comrades. Imagine tremendous professionals and geeks who like, support, and respect each other. Now, imagine they all code like pros and have quite a lot of fun with it!
See yourself in that picture? Well, hello there! We’re Displate, the XXI-century metal posters makers. Currently ranked in the top 5 most valuable Polish e-commerce companies according to Forbes Magazine. is home to artworks from thousands of independent artists and the biggest brands on this planet, like Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Blizzard, NASA, Iron Maiden, CyberPunk, The Witcher… you name it.

The team you’re thinking of now is Displate Engineering. We’re hungry for talents like you! 

“OK, so what’s in it for me?”

  • A small team of 40+ people divided into cross-functional squads that make the web app fly and look stunning as our customers deserve it (optimizing page performance and implementing SEO-driven solutions included)
  • React is our bread and butter – if you find yourself checking out its newest features, looking up performance tweaks we’ll be a good match
  • Nextjs is where we’re headed – we’re doing our best to transform our existing monolith architecture into an exquisite SSR SPA app. Your skill with Nextjs would be valued, but you can always learn along with us!
  • We are always looking for improvements in our stack – not long ago we switched to react-query to manage our async data, introduced styled-components, and more (yup, there are no orders here, we all decide what’s best for us)
  • Software Craftsmanship and Clean Code are not just buzzwords here – we strive for top-notch quality at everything we do – as you’ll find out during our Code Reviews, we’re rather demanding 😉 We aim to test as much as possible, in a variety of different ways – we started not long ago, so there’s a lot of catching up to do! 
  • We approach Agile sensibly – SCRUM, incremental development, and contact with our stakeholders without all the “hocus-pocus” parts
  • Step into a guild and feel at home! We love to share ideas and learn some good Frontend, Backend, QA, Agile within our small communities
  • Flextime, open office policy, no dress code – come to the office, we have cookies, Displates hanging all over the place, nice people, and a convenient space to work (we love it and so will you!) No need to dress up, most of us are “team hoodies”. Or else, stay at home – your choice.


Want to try yourself in Displate? 

A quick tech checklist: 

  • 2+ years of experience with designing the architecture for SPA applications 
  • Fluency of using HTML5, CSS3 (SASS), JavaScript (ES6 +), TypeScript, React and Redux
  • Understanding the process and optimization of module bundlers
  • Practical knowledge about CI/CD
  • Fluency in version control system operations
  • Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and troubleshooting skills
  • Strong skills in English both spoken and written

Nice to haves:

  • Knowledge and commercial use of Styled Components or React-Query is a plus
  • Practical knowledge of the UX best practices will be an asset
  • Experience within page speed optimization is a plus

Personality matters too! We’re looking for:

  • people with a mentoring attitude – that’s what makes you a true senior 
  • proactive doers ready for tones of satisfying challenges (legacy reworking included)
  • warriors who are ready to take autonomy & ownership – we’re no cogs in the machine 
  • open-minded and creative problem solvers who are not afraid to be wrong – no stupid answers here, we’re all into the collective intelligence
  • good communicators and team players who love to learn from each other
  • the ones for whom agile mindset doesn’t mean mind-altering
***  Hungry for numbers? Net Promoter Score in Displate Engineering Team for Q4 ’21= 54%, Engagement Score = 80%


Perks? Here you go:

Hardware of your own choice – a brand new & shiny Mac or Dell? No problemo, Señor!
⚕️ Private healthcare plan + life insurance – we’ve got your back here
Sportscard – get up from your desk and go swimming!
️  Free English classes
️ 20/26 days of paid holiday
Training budget – your skillset matters here
Team building budget – never too much socializing 😉
Special stock options for Engineering only

What else have we got others probably don’t?
❤️ A truly socially responsible community – we’ve planted 15 million trees! We’re organizing charity events for people in need
☕ Coffee just like you want it – french press, Moka pot or coffee machine (we’re kinda coffee-freaks with rituals you’ll love)
Your own welcome Displate for FREE + discounts for all the rest of Displates
Crazy-good company parties
Planszówkowe Poniedziałki! Fancy joining our board games enthusiasts collective?
Trips to our manufacture – trust us that’s a life-changing experience to see how exactly Displates are made!


Still hungry for more insights about Displate Engineering? Check out: 


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