Senior React Developer

  • Full time
  • Prague
  • Posted 2 months ago
Docker (regular)
Git (advanced)
English (advanced)
TypeScript (advanced)
JavaScript (master)
React (master)
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Role Description:

We are looking for a Senior React Developer for Stepwise, Warsaw-based Software House, who would like to join an engineering-oriented company. Our mindset is strongly Developer oriented. We are looking for a person who would like to have a real impact on the products, the shape of teams and the way we work. Your technical skill set is important, however, we will choose based on your personality and attitude. 


  • Developing new features in Clients projects
  • Developing Application from scratch, beginning with PoC and shaping MVP afterwards
  • Developing and improving automation of common repeatable tasks and processes
  • Creating Architecture Design based on inputs from workshops
  • Participation in building Frontend team for the projects based on required skillset
  • Participation in the demanding Code Review process
  • Working closely with Client and Stepwise to constantly improve our software delivery process
  • Coordination of technical tasks with Backend, Test Automation and Client team
  • Identifying bottlenecks in the process and removing them (Daily, Retro, Brain Stormings) 
The perfect candidate:
  • Understands the wider context of the application / product 
  • Likes working with people: client, team, organisation 
  • Takes ownership, delegates and acts as mentor towards less experienced team members 
  • Knows how to cooperate with Backend, UX, QA and understands the basics of DevOps 
  • Likes to share his knowledge with others and has well-developed soft skills
  • Willingness to work in close cooperation with the Client
  • Hands-on React, JavaScript, Typescript programming experience
  • Good Understanding of state management solutions one of Redux/MobX, Web Components and REST API principles
  • Experience in working with virtualised applications (Docker/Kubernetes) and CI/CD
  • Experience in creating complex solutions
  • Good knowledge of English is a must (spoken, written)
More about Stepwise: 
  • Juicy tech stack: 
  • A great work environment with passionate and skilled people
  • Gentle and smooth introduction to the company by Architects and Senior developers 
  • No procedures and other corporate “beauties”
  • A flat organisation with no levels of middle management between staff 
  • We choose our customers carefully. Chemistry and common understanding are the most important.
  • We operate mainly in Nordics, Germany, France, UK and Benelux 
  • We are happy to accept remote work 
  • We know what is Work-Life Balance by example
  • The next steps in Stepwise’s development are deepening knowledge in the areas of ML, Security, Data Engineering

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Still not convinced? We invite you to our office. See how we work and talk to the team. 

To apply for this job please visit