Sales Development Representative

  • Full time
  • Prague
  • Posted 2 months ago
Communication (advanced)
English (advanced)
We’re on the lookout for a Sales Development Representative to join our amazing Sales team. You will focus on searching and encouraging people to create their innovative products with us.
  • Requirements: speak excellent and write exceptional English
  • Salary: B2B >> 5,5 – 10K depends on your experience (+ bonus system after probation period) 
    UoP >> 4,5  – 8,5K  depends on your experience (+ bonus system after probation period)
  • Perks and benefits: remote/office (up to you), flexible working hours, additional 10 days of paid sick leave on B2B, private medical care (PZU) and Multisport card, English lessons with a native speaker, knowledge-sharing activities (company library, internal and external hackathons, conference budget, team sessions).
  • About us: software engineering for connected devices and IoT. If you would like to shape your own role, want to learn, and are not afraid to try and fail, if you can speak up when something bothers you and you like the vibes of working in a home-like environment – we are the place for you!
What you’ll do:
  • Researching new possible clients
  • Searching for contact details 
  • Preparing catchy, personalized mail content
  • Mailing and meetings scheduling
We should talk if YOU:
  • Speak excellent English. You will work in international environment, mostly with US-based clients (Polish not required at all)
  • Write exceptional English. A big part of your job will be reaching out to potential clients by email/LinkedIn.
  • Have a knack for tech/startups. You love technology, like to watch Apple keynotes, read Hacker News, watch MKBHD or browse Techcrunch.
  • Are a natural researcher. You know what to do when you don’t know what to do.
  • Are a pirate. You didn’t join the navy and you don’t do what others do. You’re a keen observer who comes up with original ideas.
  • You worked for/founded a startup. We love startup people. You will have an opportunity to work with the likes of A16Z – extra points if you know what that means.
  • Team player – You will work closely with our SDR and Growth team on a daily basis. We will guide you step by step and help you develop outreach activities.
  • Play nice but win. You hate losing, but always play nice.
  • Want to make tech/IT money but are not an engineer. It’s a rare opportunity for non-engineers to get into tech and make real money. NO prior experience in sales and/or tech required.
You’ll work using those tools:
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Lemlist
  • Dropcontact
  • Phantombuster
  • Crunchbase 
Recruitment process:  

  1. A screening call with an HR person (45 mins).
  2. Call with Growth Team (45 mins).
  3. Task
  4. Call with Head of Growth Team (45 mins).
  5. Final feedback received within a week after the interview.
How to apply?
To apply, simply send a short application note to Agata Figat (you need to figure out the email address yourself – it will be a part of your job anyway). You will get some extra points for a nice email copy, an irresistible subject line and a clear, well-thought call to action!

First 3 months at intent:

You’ll have an assigned buddy, a person from your team who’ll help you onboard smoothly, get to know our company, and enhance your skills.

We are really keen on having a mutual fit with you, so the general aim of the first 3 months is to find out if we go together like peanut butter and jelly. Joining intent means joining the people that create it, not a specific project, so if the one you have does not fit you, you will have a chance to change it.

For the first week, you will be getting to know your team, the company and its values, and the tools we use. You can count on HR, your buddy, and your team in general to help you with all the new information. You will also receive your first tasks. You can expect constant feedback coming from your leader.
 After each month passes, you will meet with an HR representative to share your thoughts and impressions and to hear what others say about your work. After the second month, your team leader and an HR person will meet with you to discuss your probation period and next steps we want to take – continue cooperating with you, fix some issues we see or part our ways. After the third month, you will be a fully fledged intent employee! 

To apply for this job please visit