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Redux (advanced)
TypeScript (advanced)
React (advanced)
Values we cherish the most are Ownership, Excitement, Learning, Communication and Teamwork, but if there is one word to describe SoftKraft, it would be: delight.
We exist to delight. 
Delight our coworkers 
And delight our customers.
We delight our coworkers by providing a challenging environment for their personal and professional growth. In many different ways and dimensions.
Our coworkers’ continuous growth is a foundation for our customers’ delight. Delight achieved by extreme ownership, attention to detail and excellent communication.
To keep delivering delight on a range of our ReactJS  projects, we need your support!
What we offer: 
  • Salary aligned with your experience and skills (20-23k netto b2b)
  • Flexible working hours (just ensure some overlap with others for occasional standups)
  • 100% remote, yet we have cozy offices in Bielsko-Biała if you are into working with us directly (yes, we have decent coffee machine there)
  • Work in a well-coordinated team, in a company created by programmers for programmers, where we take the idea of Extreme Ownership by heart.
  • Average experience of our co-workers in the company is 9 years – you will be able to learn a lot from those guys. We apply a mentorship program where needed.
  • Significant freedom to choose technology/approach to solve given problems
  • Well established development and communication standards
  • You will get an opportunity to grow not only as a professional but also as a person, as we dedicate significant effort in building soft skills and culture of our community. 
  • At least 4 years experience with React.js
  • Broad experience in working with REST APIs
  • Very good knowledge of TypeScript
  • Very good knowledge of Redux
  • Good command of GIT
  • Very good communication skills, teamwork oriented
  • Speaking and writing in English (B2 or above)
  • Bonus points for working knowledge of Cypress
Tasks, duties and responsibilities:
  • Building new features and integrating them with existing codebase
  • Focusing on solution quality and user experience
  • Ongoing collaboration with the rest of the team (code reviews, coordinating development efforts, discussings solutions)
  • Work-logging time spent in a dedicated tool – Everhour
  • Taking part in planning/building scope of work based on requirements specified (using Shape Up methodology or SCRUM)
  • Updating status of work in Basecamp
  • Learning. Everyday.
“As software developers we’re paid to be professional learners. People hire us (or should hire us) for what we are capable of learning, not for what we already know.”
 — Pat Shaughnessy
One last thing is a short Jocko Willink (author of Extreme Ownership) quote
“You already know what the right thing to do is…
You just gotta do it”
— Jocko

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