Postdoctoral research position in surface integrity of materials made by additive manufacturing

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  • Prague
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Czech Technical University in Prague

The goal is to develop, identify, validate and generalize mathematical models of the effect of the 3D printing parameters of PBF – LB method and post-treatment parameters on selected characteristics of surface integrity for nickel-based superalloys.

First, the mathematical models will be investigated for the influence of layer height, the hatch distance and energy density on surface roughness parameters, surface layer hardening and residual stresses after 3D printing of selected superalloy or high entropy alloy. Next, the models of residual stress relaxation, dislocation density and surface layer hardening of 3D printed structures after various post-treatment methods when exposed to elevated temperatures will be developed and validated for the same material.

More Information

Salary 62 000,- CZK/month.

The candidate has completed a doctoral degree at a foreign university, preferably with a good ranking.

The candidate has a valid PhD (or equivalent) awarded in 2016 or later.

The applicant’s application must be accompanied by:

– CV

– a motivation letter

– a copy of the diploma

– a list of own publications, which must include at least two impacted publications (for unpublished ones, a communication from the editors on acceptance is accepted). The applicant may attach a letter(s) of recommendation.

Application for the selection procedure including all the requirements should be sent no later than 11.9.2022 to the following address:

Mentor: Libor Beránek, ,

Orcid 0000-0003-3190-2405

Link to relevant publication: 

Offer Requirements

  • REQUIRED EDUCATION LEVEL Engineering: PhD or equivalent
  • PhD degree
  • at least two papers in a journal with relevant Impact Factor
  • experience and will to learn the process of additive manufacturing by PBF-LB, to prepare and further process samples
  • experience with evaluation of surface integrity
  • To apply for this job please visit