Middle/Senior Embedded developer

  • Full time
  • Prague
  • Posted 3 weeks ago
Yocto (junior)
RTOS (regular)
CMake (regular)
Git (regular)
Buildroot (regular)
Embeded Linux (advanced)
C++ (advanced)
We can hire you remotely but only in one of our 3 locations: Kraków, Wrocław, and Warsaw.

Join a geographically distributed team of hardcore IT professionals working on a dynamically evolving IoT solution for energy management in electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and electric vehicles (EV). Take part in shaping the future of EV-charging together with the world’s automotive industry leaders and help us to promote renewable energy concepts by implementing innovative energy storage systems and power management patterns. Explore new cloud and edge computing technologies to further the digital transformation of the industrial and business landscape.

The hardware part of the solution is a universal multi-module platform built around the ST2100 SoC (ARM926EJ-S complemented by auxiliary Cortex-M family microprocessors) with the Actor model as the core architecture framework and C/C++ as the primary tech stack running on Embedded Linux.

  • Embedded Linux;
  • ARM architecture;
  • Multithreaded applications;
  • Wireless protocols;
  • Hardware cryptography.

  • develop new and expand existing module functionality;
  • write and maintain unit-tests;
  • create emulators to test and validate implementation;
  • cross-compile code for different platforms;
  • implement user-space interactions with devices via CAN, I2C, UART;
  • work on integration with various external devices (power meters, HEMS, HMI, etc);
  • extend Buildroot with external packages;
  • build firmware images using Jenkins CI;
  • export SDKs with C/C++ bindings;
  • test and debug code remotely (ssh+gdb);
  • take part in debug sessions with the automotive industry leaders’ engineering teams.

  • Strong C11/C++14 skills;
  • Experience with ARM architecture (APCS);
  • Thorough understanding of the operating system / schedulers (low-level implementation of the scheduling functions) and IPC / multithreading;
  • Good understanding of networking protocols L3 and below;
  • Experience with Git / CMake / GCC / GDB;
  • Experience in debugging embedded environments.

  • Powerful Linux User;
  • Embedded Linux / Buildroot / Yocto experience;
  • FreeRTOS experience;
  • STM (ST2100) and NXP (i.MX6) MCU experience;
  • Hardware interface / driver development experience (DMA, Bus mastering peripherals);
  • Knowledge of Python / bash / Perl shell scripting languages;
  • Experience in debugging embedded environments;
  • Intermediate+ English and good communication skills.
  • Private healthcare insurance – LuxMed (extended gold package for parents & kids);
  • Multisport card;
  • Cash bonuses for significant life events (wedding, birth of a child);
  • Compensation of professional training: courses, seminars, trainings

To apply for this job please visit cz.talent.com.