Javascript Developer (react/node)

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SQL (junior)
Scrum (regular)
Node.js (regular)
Express.js (regular)
GraphQL (regular)
ReactJS (advanced)
TypeScript (advanced)
JavaScript (advanced)
Are you looking for a team that appreciates the commitment and knows how important development is for you?
Perhaps you are the missing element in our equation. Join Primotly and create a digital future by implementing projects for brands that change the world!
What is unique about working with us?
We create a strong engineering culture that fosters the development of the best React and Symfony specialists. Each project brings new challenges, skills, and an opportunity to exchange ideas and experience.
The international work environment includes customers from all over the world, but also a diverse team that gives even more opportunities for development and exchange of knowledge.
We focus on partnership relations. That is why from the very beginning of our cooperation you receive a great credit of trust and freedom of action. You know best what path is best to reach a specific goal. For us, the most important are the effects.
We support the development of our employees through courses and certification systems. More experienced colleagues are always ready to provide you with advice, experience or mentoring.
If you love to create, invent and pave the way for completely new paths, Primotly is the right place for you. We love everything new, fresh and challenging. That is why there is no time for boredom with us.
Here’s what we can offer you: 
➕ Highly compensated employees are happier at their job 🙂 You can expect a B2B contract with an attractive salary: 14,000 – 19,000 PLN net.  (+20 paid days off, sick leaves)
➕ Regardless of the insurance you have, we want you to feel even more comfortable. That is why, as part of employee benefits, we provide access to private healthcare.
➕ You are always welcome to come to the office and our working hours are flexible as well – both for early birds and night owls. Thanks to very well-organised processes, there are no contraindications for you to work with us remotely, from the other side of the country or even the world.
➕ Not only are your skills substantial, but also your growth! We highly encourage you to take part in meet-ups, online courses, conferences and external training. 
➕ In the interest of building even better relationships, we often meet after working hours. For those working remotely, we organise online game tournaments! 
➕ A healthy mind in a healthy body, that’s why we take care of the muscles of our employees by providing you with a sports card.
➕ We will equip you with the highest quality equipment and the necessary software for comfortable work on projects that we will implement together.
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This is how we work on a project:
Clean Code
Code review
Continuous Deployment
Continuous Integration
Team deployment
Architect / technical lead support
Active monitoring
Task tracking tools
Technology debt management
Test automation
Integration tests
Unit tests
You are a perfect match, if:
You have at least 3 years of experience as a frontend developer
✅ Experience with any backend framework is a must. (NestJS/Express.js preferred)
✅ Your code is clean and standards-compliant
✅ You know JavaScript and TypeScript (preferred) very well
✅ You have a broad understanding and experience in React (latest features, good practices, tests)
✅ You’re no stranger to API frameworks (GraphQL/REST)
✅ You have experience with databases (SQL is preferred)
✅ You know and experienced working in Scrum
✅ You are fluent in English in speech and writing (we work with foreign clients)
✅ You like to share your knowledge and help your younger colleagues
Here is what the recruitment process looks like:
  1. Contacting candidates – Our HR team begins the recruitment process with the selection of CVs of candidates who meet certain criteria. We will give you a call and at this stage, we’ll ask you some soft questions. 
2. Task – It’s time to get down to business. After the call you will recive a task to complate within a given time frame.

3. Interviews – You will take part in two interviews, we get to know each other better and check your technical skills as well.

4. Decision – We’ll get back to you shortly after the second interview. If everything went well, you can get ready for a new job.

5. Offer – Of course, there will also be time for negotiations, but we will definitely get along.

Join our team!

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