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BA (nice to have)
PM (nice to have)
AQA/SDET(java) (nice to have)
PHP (nice to have)
Node.js (nice to have)
Java (nice to have)
.Net (nice to have)
Syberry is a software engineering company with offices in the US, Poland, Georgia, and Belarus. We help businesses that need custom software. Our clients are satisfied with our service, and our employees work with a purpose.  

Projects. We build complex systems in different domains: healthcare, education, energy management, construction, and finance. Examples of our projects are: 

  • Launching an app to transfer money B2B, 
  • Building software for decentralized water systems that will become part of smart cities, 
  • Building an app that analyzes big data. 
Clients. We help American startups and enterprises. Our clients give us the freedom to decide how to engineer their systems.

Our value is striving to help the client. A client comes to us with their pain just like a patient comes into a hospital. We investigate the client’s business problems and decide how to help. 

Our goal is to accelerate the development of the IT industry. We think the biggest issue in the IT industry is the absence of processes. We solve this issue by creating and automating Syberry’s processes. In Syberry, we have a separate DaVinci team that models, implements, and improves the processes. It lets our engineers concentrate on complex engineering tasks while the process does the rest. 

Syberry Academy starts the internship for junior specialists in the following directions: 

  • .NET Developers 
  • Business Analysts 
  • Java Developers 
  • NodeJS Developers 
  • PHP Developers 
  • Project Managers 
  • AQA/SDET (java)
About the internship: 

First 3 weeks you will learn how to work according to our processes and do training tasks. If you deal with it well, we will start the internship. The internship lasts from 1 to 3 months, 40 hours per week.  
We will make a job offer at Syberry to our best students.
Requirements for developers: 
  • Your English level is B1+ 
  • You have practical coding skills 
Requirements for business analytics: 
  • Your English level is B2+
  • You have a portfolio with UI and requirements 
  • You have read a Wiegers’ book 
Requirements for project managers: 
  • Your English level is B2+
  • You have finished IT courses, and you have a higher education 
  • You have already worked with people 
We will change the IT industry. 
Join us! đŸ™‚

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