Elixir developer

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  • Prague
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AWS (nice to have)
NGINX (nice to have)
Docker (junior)
PostgreSQL (junior)
Phoenix (regular)
Elixir (regular)
‍ Elixir Developer

12 000 – 22 000 zł + VAT / month (B2B), B2B, 20+ fully paid holidays (or more if you need it)
Newest Mac, remote or in our office in Katowice, custom benefits, referral bonus

Tech stack: Elixir, Phoenix, PostgreSQL, Docker

Nice to have: Ruby on Rails, Rust, NGINX, AWS, GitHub Actions, PostGIS, React.js, React Native
Team player, fluent English, analytical and problem-solving skills

We’re looking for the Elixir developer to join our team and help us with the upcoming project.

The upcoming project

Let’s work together on the platform that will become a game changer for VCs and investors in US. As the Elixir developer, you will work on the backend with Phoenix framework and admin panel with Kaffy. The backend will connect to the PostgreSQL, provide REST API to the ReactJS web app, and will integrate other microservices that may be built with other technologies.

Why Elixir?
Due to its fault tolerance and concurrency, the Elixir seems to be a perfect technology to build a reliable core of any platform that connects all pieces together. It might not be great in crunching data, but still we can engage other technologies, like Rust. And obviously, developing in Elixir is a pure fun!

Why you might be excited to work with us

  • No legacy code to work with
  • New project every few months
  • No time-consuming meetings daily
  • Work atmosphere. While EVERY company says they are a great workplace filled with amazing people, we state with total self-awareness that you’ll love working with our team. Don’t take our word for it – hit our team members on social media and ask!
  • Deep dives into domains like crypto & web3, fintech, biotech, space, and much more.

Your daily responsibilities

  • Help the team to build state-of-the-art projects.
  • Cooperate with our remarkable design team to drive features end-to-end from concept and design to production
  • Introduce innovations and improvements in the customer projects and development process
  • Keep an eye on code quality standards, code reviews, and feedback to other team members.
  • Participate in the whole development life cycle, such as sprint planning, task estimation, tech stack selection

A few words about us

Altalogy is a nimble full-stack studio helping design, build, and ship products in the deep tech, healthcare, fintech, and web3 sectors. No name dropping, but here are a few recent projects we have been involved in:

  • Brain-computer interfaces for measuring brain gamma waves to help you get into the flow state
  • Branding for VC firms investing in fintech and autonomous aircraft worldwide.
  • Web3 dev tools and collectibles exchange platforms
  • Clinical trials did the startup way.

What if you’re not sure

If you are not entirely sure that you fit the position, but you think you would like to cooperate with us and help with other things, drop us a line at [email protected] or check out other job offers.
We are expanding our dev team (frontend and backend), and we are looking for people for other positions too.

Nitty Gritty

We enjoy remote work, but if you like to work at our office in Katowice (Poland), you are more than welcome to do so! Shoot us a message here or ([email protected]) and tell us:

  • What you are good at
  • What kind of challenges excites you
  • What is not your cup of tea
Provide some background, showcase your previous work/experience. Also, if you use twitter/insta and hate traditional hiring processes, you can DM us (@altalogy on tt, @altalogycom on insta) and we will take it from there! If you start your message with the word “bananas” you’ll get extra points for making it all the way here:)


  1. Please send us your brief pitch as described above with relevant portfolio items.
  2. We’ll get back to you ASAP if you’re a fit.
  3. Let’s hop on a video call and say Hi.
  4. We’ll let you know if it’s a go/no-go in a few business days.
  5. Now, let’s go one step further and solve a few dev problems together during the video call.
  6. And again, we we’ll let you know if it’s a go/no-go in a few business days.


  • 20+ fully paid holidays (or more if you need it)
  • You can work remotely or in our office located in Katowice.
  • Newest Mac or laptop with Windows or Linux, and any other tools you may need
  • Tools stack that devs like (GitHub, VSCode, Slack, MacOS)
  • Conference / workshop budget
  • Annual company retreat
  • English lessons
  • Opportunities to work with experienced people (ex Coinbase, Airbnb, Google)
  • Happy to discuss benefits individually, we’re sure we can do a lot to make this collaboration fun and worthwhile 🙂
We’re excited to meet you! 🙂

To apply for this job please visit cz.talent.com.