Backend Developer with Go

  • Full time
  • Prague
  • Posted 3 weeks ago
Go (nice to have)
Python (regular)
PHP (regular)
Node.js (regular)
C++ (regular)
Disclaimer: You actually don’t need to know ALL FOUR backend programming languages as we listed above. We need you to know AT LEAST ONE of them on a regular basis. Why?
We’re aiming to work using Golang mostly, but we know it’s not the common language. So if you’re Regular/Senior Backend Developer and would like to learn Golang – you’re in the right place! 😉

We create innovative, world-class engineering solutions. We don’t mean to brag, but in our daily work, we solve unconventional problems you can’t really google. Whenever possible, we open-source our libraries and share them with the developer community.

About the role:

  • Cooperating with various teams within the organization by developing the bridge between Developer Console, Marketplace, and transaction APIs;
  • Supporting internal and external developers by sharing the knowledge of the service, helping them in a smooth transition, and advising on further development;
  • Shaping the entire LiveChat Platform ecosystem and having full ownership of the features you’ll be working on;
  • Contributing to open-source projects, which are shared across multiple teams;
  • Setting clear, achievable goals and helping to shape the roadmap for Marketplace;
  • Working closely with all products representatives to explore further development opportunities and discovering additional service potential;
  • Managing projects that involve cooperation with other engineering and product teams;
  • Setting and tracking core metrics for the project on your own.
Our tech stack:

  • Go, Node.js 
  • MySQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, RabbitMQ
  • gRPC, Protobuf, Websocket
We’re open to experimenting with new technologies. We analyze each problem and choose the right tools to solve it.

Who are we looking for?

  • Seniority level & experience: We’re open to all seniority levels, but having some practical experience is a must. However, what you did matters more than how long you have been doing it. We don’t calculate the seniority level based on years of experience. 
  • Technical skills: You should know at least one backend programming language, and it doesn’t have to be Go or node.js. However, if it’s not one of these, we expect that you are willing to learn them over time. We’re advocates of software craftsmanship, who truly care about the quality of their code. We hope you share these values, too. 
  • Soft skills & attitude: We’re a team of developers driven by passion, who enjoy each other’s company and like to joke around. At the same time, we’re open to feedback, both positive and negative. We don’t avoid difficult subjects but resolve problems by discussing them. We’ll get along well if you’re cheerful, ready to give & take feedback, and passionate about coding. Your enthusiasm and proactive approach can make up for a more modest experience.  
  • Language skills: You need to have good knowledge of written and spoken English.
You’ll be taken care of
Life’s not all about work. Maintaining a work-life balance is tricky, especially now. We’ll help you take care of your physical and mental health, the key to flourishing at your job.
Books and courses
Read as many books as you want with our Amazon account and expand your skills with courses from CXL, Reforge, Udemy, and more.

English lessons

Improve your English by participating in individual online English lessons with a native speaker. We’ll cover half the price.

Innovation Sprint

Every two months, we take two weeks to focus on innovative ideas, strategic discussions, continuing education, and planning our work.
Cozy home office
Buy a desk and chair you like. We’ll refund up to 1,000 PLN.

Equipment and accessories

Get a new laptop and any other equipment that you’ll need to excel at your job.

Government costs covered

We automatically adjust your salary to any changes in obligatory government fees.

Unlimited time off

Take your time off whenever you need it — whether it’s vacation, sick leave, or an emergency.
Invest in your well-being with a sports membership card.

Employee Assistance Program

Ask for therapeutic or legal help anytime you and your family need it.


Take care of yourself with a private healthcare plan.
Personal and team integration budget 
Each team has a recurring integration budget to spend on team-building activities. You’ll also get a similar personal budget.

Worksmile platform

Every month, we’ll credit your account with money. Spend it on shopping, relaxation, and more benefits available on the platform.

Pet-friendly office

We love animals. Feel free to bring your pet friends to our Wroclaw office anytime you want.

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