AI Engineering [Conversational AI Software/ chatbots]

  • Full time
  • Prague
  • Posted 2 weeks ago
AWS (junior)
Golang (junior)
English (regular)
Linux (regular)
Git (regular)
MLOps (regular)
Chatbots (regular)
chatbost (regular)
NLP (advanced)
Python (advanced)

Business capabilities required 

  •  Python and/or GoLang 
  •  NLP 
  •  Machine learning and Deep Learning 
  •  Conversational AI tools: Cloud based (i.e. AWS/GCP) and open-source (i.e. Rasa) 
  •  AI/ML frameworks and tools, e.g., TensorfLow, PyTorch, Hugging Face, etc. 
  •  MLOps 
  •  Git, Linux and public clouds, esp. AWS  


  •  R&D on systems used in multiple e-learning platforms and mobile applications such as: 
o Open response assessment  
o  Conversational AI 
  •  Occasional R&D on spikes and proof-of-concepts  
  •  In some cases, supporting efforts of a sub team, coordinating and acting as a catalyst  

About the AI Learning Capabilities (AILC) team 

  •  The AILC team at the Pearson Poznań office is a part of an international R&D unit that creates AI Learning Capabilities (i.e. systems that use AI methods to facilitate the process of human learning). The team consists of Data Scientists, Research Engineers, and Technical Project Managers. 
  •  Our role is to: 
o Design, build, and continuously improve customer-facing Intelligent Learning Capabilities across Pearson. 
o Provide technical leadership in the application of AI at Pearson. 

  •  We specialise in two main types of intelligent capabilities: 
o Adaptive modelling & diagnostic capabilities that fast-track learners through a course of learning and identify struggling learners. 
o Natural language processing-based assessment capabilities that evaluate a learner&soft & hard skills through text or speech. 

  •  In our work, we often innovate around implementing psychometric ideas using the latest machine learning methods and prototyping innovative natural language processing methods. See more of our work. 
  •  We proudly support the Polish AI community by sponsoring conferences (ML in PL, Why R?,mGHOST Day, Cloud & Datacentre Day), hosting meetups with the Women in Machine Learning & Data Science organisation, and hosting our own series of open talks & workshops. 

About Pearson  

Did you know Pearson is one of the 10 most innovative education companies of 2022?  
At Pearson, we add life to a lifetime of learning so everyone can realize the life they imagine. We do this by creating
vibrant and enriching learning experiences designed for real-life impact.  
We’re on a journey to be 100% digital to ensure we can deliver direct to consumers everywhere. This has only been
accelerated by COVID-19. To meet the changing needs of the global population we have developed a new strategy
with ambitious targets. Our Purpose | Add Life to a Lifetime of Learning  
At Pearson, we are focused on delivering the best products and outcomes to more people than ever before by
leveraging technology, such as the Pearson Learning Platform 

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