Brand Marketing & Communications Executive (Remote)
About Us
Ailet develops innovative technology, providing «Eyes in the store» for CPG brands and Retailers by turning in-store images into powerful insights.
We are more than just an Image Recognition solution.
We are smarter than an end-to-end platform for collecting and analyzing Data from the shelves.
We provide a real-time view of store and field performance across all retail channels.
Ailet is a single tool which helps to drive targeted actions at SKU, brand, and category level, while improving sales effectiveness & powered by our breakthrough computer vision technologies.
As a result, the data produced is extremely valuable and generates a single source of truth for the physical world of Retail, CPG and Pharma allowing to manage sales process efficiency and productivity
Why Join Us
Creating long-lasting client relationships and developing the businesses are our main goals.
Committing to the success of our clients all over the globe is our strategy.
We’ve found an incredibly strong product-market fit across global CPG brands.
Ailet is committed to continue success and facilitate the growth empowered by the best team and investors.
About the Team & Role
We are currently looking for a Brand Marketing & Communications Executive who will help us to make the product and company known and recognizable.
We believe there is a strength in diversity. We hire skilled and passionate people from a wide variety of backgrounds.
We search for a professional who has experience in developing marketing communications strategy (Brand & PR) for young fast-growing companies.
This is an exciting opportunity to grow as a professional for an active person who is willing to be a part of the fast changing modern world.
Create trust among potential customers and make Ailet recognizable.
Goal: As Ailet ranks second in the world in this segment, we have to make sure that potential customers from all over the world consider Ailet a reliable company and compare us only with world leaders.
Create credible visibility to attract new investors.
Goal: Given the practical success of Ailet and the quality of the products with good marketing communications strategy (Brand & PR), we should have a waiting list of potential investors interested in the business and investment opportunities.
Let the market be aware of the team of professionals.
Goal: The company is created by a team. It is important for us to tell the market of potential candidates why our company is a great choice with the right values and unlimited opportunities. We want to have only the professional individuals in the team.
Create market confidence in the product and company.
Goal: The market of clients, potential candidates should trust the company, its product and believe in its success, as the team believes in it.
Develop English-speaking media communication (interaction language – English).
Goal: To work with global English-speaking media (Tier-1 – like Forbes, Tier-2 – leading industry specific media – CPG / Pharma / Retail tech) and other resources. Some communications could be adapted to local languages/media. Target GEO: LATAM (all countries), MENA, southern Europe, USA.
Creation & leading of the company’s marketing communications strategy (Brand & PR), related plans;
Publication of articles about the company in Tier-1 and Tier-2 media outlets & bringing company into the relevant ratings (Gartner, CB insights etc.);
Contributing articles to 3-4 selected core publications on industry trends, company info points, statistics and analytics (e.g. US Forbes, U-Entrepreneur);
Increasing brand knowledge & controlling the attraction of new visitors, including to the company’s site, dealing with negative reviews and promoting the positive trend;
Content development for visitors: marketing and design colleagues can always help;
Get involved in the process of creating features, support releases, convey everything new and product to potential customers;
Interaction with influencers.
Monthly searches for the brand name in Google
Direct website traffic
Monthly searches for the brand name in Social Media (LinkedIn)
Measuring open rate and click rate of corporate emails send to potential customers (newsletter and first outreach)
Citation rates for target media and sources relative to competitors (Trax retail, Involves, Asseco, ParallelDots, Vispera and others).
Number of new Sales Qualified Leads ( including those that coming directly to corporate site)
Number of visitors to corporate site through clicks
Number of independent comparison lists the company is presented at
Number of clicks and followers on social media (LinkedIn)
The leader of the direction who has:
Fluent English (Fluent Spanish and/or Portuguese will be a benefit);
Profile experience of at least 3 years in B2B SaaS international startup;
Experience in developing marketing communications strategy (Brand & PR), global brand awareness and positioning;
Proven Brand development & PR cases portfolio;
Address book with journalists of Tier-1/Tier-2 editions, freelancers (copywriting, writing articles), bloggers, influencers.
Terms of cooperation
Competitive monthly compensation based on the experience (fixed income + bonuses for completing tasks).
International projects.
Work with top management & report to the CEO.
Fully remote.
How to apply?
If you think the above meets your expectations, and your profile meets our expectations, please send your most updated CV & Portfolio and we’ll get back to you.
We are interested in candidates from the EU, USA and LATAM.
We will be glad to meet you!
Job Types: Full-time, Contract, Permanent
Contract length: 12 months
Salary: From 111,199.95Kč per month

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